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B2C Channels Control Where Your Goods Are Sold

Aficionado Group created multiple proprietary B2C sales channels designed to move categories of retail product, at any volume, while maintaining the highest recovery rates in the industry.

We do not rely on other third party websites or liquidation outlets.  All sales channels are owned and operated by Aficionado Group to ensure we maintain complete control over where inventories are sold.

Fixed prices

Aficionado Group does not operate through auctions, all our sales are made in fixed prices. Once we agree on a recovery price, based on products category and product conditions, all truckloads of merchandise we received are charged by the suppliers based on those recovery rate. Your liquidation revenues become predictable, and you avoid selling below expected prices caused by seasonality effects.

Final sales – no consignment

Retailers and manufacturers are looking for effectives ways to manage their liquidations and in doing so, the simpler is the better. Because Aficionado Group pays its suppliers based on agreed prices in advances, our suppliers can issue a final invoice at the beginning of the process. You do not have to send your products in consignments, and you can remove those inventories from your accounting weeks faster.

Real turnkey solution

Using a real turnkey solution for your liquidation, means that we receive your merchandise and do the sorting, we build thematic lots, build manifest, take photos, list the products on our website, manage marketing, newsletter, and ads to drive customers to those listings. We manage customers questions and take care of the ordering processing, going from payment processing to delivery across North America. We make sure to answer all complaints and customers requirement, handling the after-sale service, while taking care of fraud protection, order cancellation and mis-delivery. A real turnkey solution means that all this is happening while you are already working on something else.

Manifest building

Sometimes the overflow doesn’t able retailers to get detailed manifest of their inventory. In those case, we can receive unmanifested merchandise and build the manifest for you. This process can take few days, but once completed, we send you a detailed manifest so you can invoice us. We can also prepare your invoice on your behalf, so you don’t even need to bother with it. All this ensure a quick invoicing process and a fast liquidation cycle while saving a lot of work hours for your warehouse staff. If you need to reclaim your warehouse space on short notice as returns start piling up, this may be the option for you.

Efficient logistics

Whether you send the merchandise with your own transport company, or prefer we come pick it up, we can plan a regular schedule for the transport of merchandises.

Specific needs

Retailers and manufacturers have their own specific needs. With the help of our proprietary software, our team members scan each item we receive and sort the merchandise to build thematic lots for our customers. While doing so, we follow all specifics request that our suppliers may have, whether it is to destroy or recycle specific items, return retailer’s brand, or manifest and dispose of dangerous material. Throughout this process, our team members make sure to remove all personal data from original consumers, as shipping labels and invoices, and we remove and dispose of all products that are damaged and may be a safety issue to our clients.

Your success is our focus and passionate pursuit. We care about you, your business and your growth.

Trusted by 1000s of Happy Clients

Our relationship is based on honesty, integrity and trust. Anytime you can put our company name with a company like AFICIONADO GROUP INC., good things happen.