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why us?

Prevent Erosion Of Your Primary Market From The Grey Market

Our sales channels sell items individually, directly to the end customers and in markets that are geographically limited, drastically reducing the flow of inventory to the grey market.  This prevents your inventory from reaching the grey market in bulk quantities, eroding your primary market and preserving the integrity of your forward sales channels.

How to Plan for The Future No Matter How Old You Are

Retailers and manufacturers today want to know where their liquidated product is being sold, who is selling it and for how much. Aficionado Group owns all of the sales channels used to liquidate inventory.  As such, we know exactly where any product is being sold and for how much.  All of that data is available to our clients, allowing them to rest easy knowing their inventory is being liquidated responsibly.

Avoid Impacting Your MAP Pricing

We own 100% all of the liquidation sales channels your product will move through, thus limiting where your excess inventory is sold.  We also ensure that any product listed in our online marketplace lacks specificity in its description, preventing other internet reseller from finding your products on our site.  All of these strategies ensure that all sales remain in local area or in a specific market to prevent those sales from impacting your established MAP pricing.

Adaptability and Customization

The retail, manufacturing and distribution landscapes continue to change and evolve with incredible speed. Aficionado Group has intentionally retained its ability to be nimble, flexible and adaptable.  We routinely create customized liquidation solutions to keep pace with rapidly changing world we live in, ensuring our clients consistently receive the best possible solutions for their specific liquidation challenges.

Our Mission Is to turn your vision into a reality

Your success is our focus and passionate pursuit. We care about you, your business and your growth.


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